Pol. Merkur. Lek (Pol. Med. J.), 2018, XLV/265: 038-040 Maximize

Pol. Merkur. Lek (Pol. Med. J.), 2018, XLV/265: 038-040

Title: Analysis of the most common reasons for patient visits to the primary care physician during a 6-month follow-up  

Authors: Pietrzak M, Pasek J, Cieślar G, Senejko M, Szajkowski S, Sieroń A.

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Analysis of the most common reasons for patient visits to the primary care physician during a 6-month follow-up

Pietrzak M1, Pasek J2, Cieślar G1, Senejko M1, Szajkowski S3, Sieroń A1.

1Silesian Medical University in Katowice, Faculty of Medicine with the Medical-Dental Division in Zabrze, Chair and Clinical Department of Internal Diseases, Angiology and Physical Medicine in Bytom, Poland; 2University of them. Jan Długosz in Częstochowa, Institute of Physical Education of Tourism and Physiotherapy in Częstochowa, Poland; 3Podkowiańska Medical High School, Faculty of Osteopathic Medicine, Faculty of Physiotherapy, Podkowa Leśna, Poland

The health benefits in Primary Health Care (PHC) are given to patients who have made a declaration to the unit having signed a contract with the National Health Fund. Benefits hall be provided in an outpatient clinic, and in cases of medically justified also in the patient’s home. The accuracy and rapidity of a diagnosis in the doctor’s office often depends on the life and health treated patients.
The aim of the study
was to analyze the causes of advice provided at the PHC in particular age groups.
Material and methods
. The study included 450 adults patients (228 women and 222 men) who have used the advice of the family doctor with in primary care. The research was carried out by diagnostic survey, using a single questionnaire, by evaluating the percentage reporting concerning sex and age of patients and the reasons for which they signed up to the doctor. The study was conducted over a period of 6 months (from 12-III-2016 to 17-VII-2016) in the clinic working hours (from 8:00 until 18:00).
. The results were statistically analyzed and showed that the largest group of patients seeking advice were people in age groups: 20-30 years and 50-70 years. Analysis of the reasons for reporting patients to the clinic showed that in both groups of women and men, the most common reason for filing was to rewrite prescriptions for medications taken on a permanent basis (40.3% vs. 38.7%), issuing a referral to a specialist (13.5% vs. 16.2%) and various types of infections (15.6% vs. 13.9%).
. The largest group of patients presenting to a primary care physician were young people and the age and pre-retirement and the most common reason for reporting patients to the doctor in the clinic POZ visits were associated with prescribing prescription and discharge referrals, as well as infections of various etiology and localization.

Key words: medical advice, primary health care, medical clinic, age structure of patients, reasons of medical advice

Pol Med J, 2018; XLV (265); 38–40