Pol. Merkur. Lek (Pol. Med. J.), 2018, XLV/270: 213-219 Maximize

Pol. Merkur. Lek (Pol. Med. J.), 2018, XLV/270: 213-219

Title: New antibiotics in infection treatment

Author: Płusa T. 

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New antibiotics in infection treatment

Płusa T.

Medical Faculty of Łazarski University of Warsaw, Poland

The introduction of new molecules with antimicrobial activity is an opportunity for modern antibiotic therapy in the era of rapidly growing resistance to antibiotics. Beta-lactamase-inhibiting antibiotics, cephalosporinases and carbapenemases represent a breakthrough in previous treatments for infections caused by resistant pathogens. Ceftazidime with avibactam and ceftolozane with tazobactam show exceptional efficacy in severe infections. Karbavans is a combination of meropenem and a new boron beta-lactamase inhibitor, as well as the combination of avibactam and aztreonam, are a hope for the treatment of infections caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae resistant to the majority of available antibiotics. S649266 is itself an inhibitor of beta-lactamases. Plazomycin, in turn, is a new aminoglycoside that allows the control of severe bacterial infections caused by multiresistant Enterobacteriaceae, including those resistant to carbapenems. In contrast, omadacyclin, a semi-synthetic derivative of tetracycline, has activity against Gram-positive, Gram-negative, aerobic and anaerobic as well as atypical bacteria. Solithromycin, a new ketolide, has immunomodulatory effects and a broad antiinflammatory spectrum, with no side effects caused by older generations of macrolides. New fluoroquinolones (delafloxacin, zabofloxacin, finefloxacin, nemonoxacin, zoliflodacin) show a wide spectrum of action with less and less side effects. The new MRX-1 preapplate, alongside tedizolid and cadazolid, are further oxazolidinones that show significant activity against multi-resistant Gram-positive pathogens. The presented palette of new molecules with antimicrobial activity will certainly significantly improve the effectiveness of antibiotic therapy.

Key words: beta-lactamases, aminoglycosides, macrolides, ketolides, fluoroquinolones, oxazolidinones

Pol Med J, 2018; XLV (270); 213–219