Pol. Merkur. Lek (Pol. Med. J.), 2019, XLVI/275: 220-223 Maximize

Pol. Merkur. Lek (Pol. Med. J.), 2019, XLVI/275: 220-223

Title: Therapeutic chronology in the treatment of melanoma malignant – a case report 

Authors: Pasek J, Stanek A, Senejko M, Pasek T, Cieślar G. 

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Therapeutic chronology in the treatment of melanoma malignant – a case report

Pasek J,1 Stanek A,2 Senejko M,2 Pasek T,3 Cieślar G2.

1University of Jan Długosz in Czestochowa, Insitute of Physical Education, Turism and Physiotherapy; 2Medical Faculty with Medical- Dentistic Division in Zabrze, Chair and Department of Internal Diseases, Angiology and Physical Medicine and Center of Diagnostics and Laser Therapy, Silesian Medical University of Katowice, Poland; 3Department of Neurological Rehabilitation, Voievodish Specialistic Hospital in Sosnowiec, Poland

Skin melanomas rank among the malignant neoplasms that have the greatest dynamics of growth and number of incidents. Early identification of primary lesions and metastases in regional lymph nodes, possible due to location, creates a chance for complete recovery.
Case report
. The study presents a positive result of treatment in case of a 67-year old woman patient, with diagnosed malignant melanoma in the lateral ankle area in the right lower extremity. Decisive for the positive result of treatment was the proper course of treatment (early diagnostics, properly established diagnosis, surgical treatment), as well as complexity of therapeutic management.
. The management of a patient suffering from generalized melanoma should be individualized, depending on the place of primary lesion, the presence, number, and location of metastases, as well as clinical manifestations.

Key words: complex treatment, melanoma malignant, therapeutic management

Pol Med J, 2019; XLVI (275); 220–223