Int. Rev. Allergol. Clin. Immunol. Family Med., 2019, XXV/3: 102-105 Maximize

Int. Rev. Allergol. Clin. Immunol. Family Med., 2019, XXV/3: 102-105

Title: Subclavian steal syndrome – a case report 

Authors: Leyko T, Manelska L. 

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Subclavian steal syndrome – a case report

Leyko T, Manelska L.

Deparment of Internal Diseases with Subdivision of Cardiology, SP ZOZ in Rypin, Poland

International Review of Medical Practice, 2019; Vol. 25, No. 3, 102

Atherosclerosis can affect all arteries with varying degrees of involvment in the majority of population. Atherosclerotic plaques are located mostly in the places of the bifurcation of the vessel. One of the more frequent localization of atherosclerotic lesion are the subclavian arteries, the significant narrowing of which, leads to serious clinical symptoms in the form of dizziness, upper limb claudication or cerebral infarction.
A case report
. A 51 years old patient with alcoholic liver disease, under the influence of alcohol, was admitted to our ward with symptoms of brain ischaemia . After blood pressure measurement on both arms, found important difference of values. In connection with the above was made diagnostic arteries of the aortic arch, where found occlusions of left subclavian artery.
. On the example of a patient in whom correct blood pressure measurement on both arms allowed to diagnose this disease, we would like to draw your attention to this simple element of physical examination.

Key words: blood pressure, subclavian steal syndrome