Conditions of use

I. General Terms

1. The MEDPRESS Publishing Internet Store available at allows Clients to purchase articles through the Internet.

2. The Internet Store is run by the following company:

MEDPRESS Urszula Witkowska-Płusa
Julianów, ul. Kombatantów 59
05-509 Piaseczno

NIP: 951-002-98-69
REGON: 010681788
tel./fax : (+48) 22 711 40 21

3. A Client, when making a purchase at the Store, accepts all Conditions of Use presented herein.

4. MEDPRESS Publishing holds all copyrights to articles sold through the Internet store. If not directly indicated, it is forbidden to copy, publish, distribute, share in part or in whole and to use in any othe manner than for personal use. It is possible to use a bought article for business use only upon receiving a written permission from MEDPRESS Publishing - please contact us at

II. Making orders and order processing  

1. An order can be placed by adding an article to the cart and checking out. During a check out process a Client needs to register a free user account. Thanks to the user account, it is possible to monitor the order status . 

2. It is necessary to provide correct personal data (name, last name, address, e-mail address) during the purchase process. MEDPRESS Publishing reserves the right to confirm received data before processing an order.

3. An initial invoice will be issued to the person whose information is provided during the registration process. The final invoice (issued after a successful payment) will be available for download as described in paragraph V below.

4. We do not ship articles, therefore we do not charge any shipping fees.

5. Orders can be placed 24/7 every day except a scheduled maintenance breaks (the web page will not be available at those times.

6. In case of a correct payment using eService - the ordered article is automatically available for download at My orders page. In case of simple wire transfer directly to MEDPRESS Publishing bank account - orders are processed within 5 days of payment reception.

7. A Client is allowed to download each purchased article once from My Orders page. In case download probmels, please write us using contact form.

8. All prices presented in the Store include all taxes (VAT). .

9. An order will be canceled if a payment is not received within 10 days of placing an order.

10. According to the Polish law, it should be possible to return an item bought at the Internet store, but because of the character of sold items (copyrighted articles), a Client does not have the right to cancel purchase after the payment is successfully processed and access to the article had been granted.

11. In case of order placing problems, please contact us through the contact form or directly at

III. Methods of payment

1. Currently, two peyments methods are accepted - direct wire transfer to the bank account of MEDPRESS Publishing or through a payment processing company - eService S.A.

2. In case of wire transfer, please transfer money to the following account:

MEDPRESS Urszula Witkowska-Płusa
Julianów, ul. Kombatantów 59
05-509 Piaseczno

Account name: 84 12401125 1111 0000 0344 8661
Bank name: BPKO SA
Bank Address (central): 00-950 Warszawa ul. Grzybowska 52/57
Bank Address (branch): IX/O 02-776 Warszawa ul. Dereniowa 9
Account No: PLPKOPPLPW 84 1240 1125 1111 0000 0344 8661
IBAN: PL84124011251111000003448661
SORTE CODE: 12401125

3. The above data is sent along with an order confirmation e-mail.

4. All wire transfer payments must be made with charges "OUR" option checked.

5. In case of payment through eService S.A. clients can pay using debit/credit cards and fast wire transfers (only Polish bank accounts). After you choose this method of payment, please follow all given directions to process your payment.

IV. Personal data processing.

1. All personal data provided during the registration/order process is used only by MEDPRESS Publishing and only for the purpose of order processing. 

2. Personal data is not shared with any third parties.

3. A Client has the right to view or edit his personal data provided during the order process. Furthermore, a Client may also request MEDPRESS Publishing to remove all gathered personal data from the database - please contact us at

V. Invoices

1. Invoices are available within 7-10 days after purchase. Customers can access invoices at the following address: (please replace ABCDEFGHI with your order ID). If the invoice is not available within the mentioned time - please contact us at