Int. Rev. Allergol. Clin. Immunol. Family Med., 2017, XXIII/3: 103-107 Maximize

Int. Rev. Allergol. Clin. Immunol. Family Med., 2017, XXIII/3: 103-107

Title: Evaluation of disease awareness and exacerbating factors in patients with COPD 

Author: Kłodzińska A. 

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Evaluation of disease awareness and exacerbating factors in patients with COPD

Kłodzińska A.

EMC Medical Institute SA – Department of Internal Medicine and Lung Disease, Hospital st. Anna in Piaseczno, Poland

Int Rev Allergol Clin Immunol Family Med, 2017; Vol. 23, No. 3, 103

The effectiveness of the treatment is largely dependent on the cooperation with the patient. His knowledge of the disease and willingness to cooperate to improve the quality of life is cardinal importance in the management of the disease.
The aim of the study
was to evaluate the state of knowledge about the disease, its course and its potential for self-control in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
Material and methods
. The study involved 33 women and 67 men, aged 32 – between 30 and 40 years, 35 – between 40 and 50 years, 25 – between 50 and 60 years and 8 – between 60 and 70s. The method of the diagnostic survey was used in the study, using a questionnaire covering five separate issues. The patients were randomized on a voluntary basis.
. The knowledge about COPD in the patients treated was very fragmented and varied. Most respondents pointed to cigarette smoking and environmental pollution as factors affecting the disease but also included genetic factors. The big difference in the approach to smoking cigarettes was the fact that as many as 27% of patients still smoke. Most of the COPD patients surveyed indicated that they knew the main principles of treatment, including inhaled therapy. Determining the meaning of the lifestyle and its implementation in practice points to further regularities and stereotypes. The declared form of active exertion in COPD patients is mostly reduced to walking. The trend, however, is that, at the time of diagnosis, most patients significantly reduce their physical activity. The importance of chronic stress in the disease was highlighted by the vast majority of patients, indicating that its source was mainly work and financial problems.
. The knowledge of patients with COPD is very diverse. This indicates the need for educational work, especially in the place of treatment. The help and information received from doctors and nurses is most reliable and useful in the daily management of patients.

Key words: COPD, patients