Pol. Merkur. Lek (Pol. Med. J.), 2019, XLVII/277: 005-013 Maximize

Pol. Merkur. Lek (Pol. Med. J.), 2019, XLVII/277: 005-013

Title: Influenza vaccine coverage rates in Polish nurses 

Authors: Gołębiak I, Nitsch-Osuch A. 

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Influenza vaccine coverage rates in Polish nurses

Gołębiak I, Nitsch-Osuch A.

Department of Social Medicine and Public Health, Medical University of Warsaw, Ist Faculty of Medicine, Warsaw, Poland

Medical personnel, including nursing staff, can become a source of influenza virus infections for their patients and co-workers. However, patients can infect the personnel, too. Therefore, influenza vaccinations are recommended for medical staff as an effective and safe form of preventing influenza and its complications.
The aim of the study
was to evaluate the current influenza vaccine coverage rate in nursing personnel and identify of incentives and disincentives for the performance of influenza vaccinations in nursing staff.
Material and methods
. The cross sectional study was carried out a group of 770 nurses, using the research questionnaire, previously validated.
. The influenza vaccine coverage rate in the study group was 15%. The probability of having a vaccination this season and in the previous seasons was higher in medical staff working in out-patient health care (p <0.05, OR 5.15, 95% CI 3.33-7.96), with work experience >40 years (p <0,05, OR 6.93, 95% CI 2.04-23.78), dealing with chronic diseases (p <0.05, OR 1.57, 95% CI 1.00-2.46). The most important encouraging factor for influenza vaccination was that the employer paid for the vaccine available in the workplace, the desire to protect oneself from the disease, the belief in the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. The most important factor discouraging vaccination against influenza was the lack of reimbursement of the vaccine and the inconvenience of its implementation in the workplace, as well as doubts related to the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.
. The influenza vaccine coverage rate is very low and certain activities should be undertaken to increase it. Measures taken to increase the influenza vaccine coverage rate for nursing staff should be targeted and include identified disincentives and incentives for vaccination.

Key words: influenza, prevention, vaccination, nursing staff, medical staff, coverage

Pol Med J, 2019; XLVII (277); 5–13