International Review of Medical Practice, 2019, XXV/4: 155-158 Maximize

International Review of Medical Practice, 2019, XXV/4: 155-158

Title: Depressive disorders in the elderly 

Author: Dudek-Kowalczyk M. 

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Depressive disorders in the elderly

Dudek-Kowalczyk M.

Center of Culture in Piaseczno

International Review of Medical Practice, 2019; Vol. 25, No. 4, 155

A high percentage of mental disorders can be observed among the elderly population. The most common disorders of older age, in addition to dementia, are affective disorders, including depression. The prevalence of this phenomenon is associated with the presence of various factors affecting the appearance of this disorder. Depression is a huge diagnostic challenge due to the different course of the disease in elderly people compared to younger patients. There is the specific picture of this disorder as well as the severity of his symptoms. The specificity of depressive disorders in the elderly is not only due to the presence of additional symptoms of the disease, but above all to the intensification of its characteristic symptoms. It should be noted that there are many factors that affect the development of depressive disorders in the elderly. The etiological factors of depression include: biological, social and psychological factors. Many of these factors matters a significant role only among the elderly population compared to other age groups.

Key words: depression, elderly people, diagnosis, etiology