Pol. Merkur. Lek (Pol. Med. J.), 2020, XLVIII/287: 331-334 Maximize

Pol. Merkur. Lek (Pol. Med. J.), 2020, XLVIII/287: 331-334

Title: Therapeutic efficacy of the developed gel “Xeliogel” on a burn wound model in rats

Authors: Pavliuk B, Stechyshyn I, Kramar S, Chubka M, Hroshovyi T. 

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Therapeutic efficacy of the developed gel “Xeliogel” on a burn wound model in rats

Pavliuk B, Stechyshyn I, Kramar S, Chubka M, Hroshovyi T.

Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University, Ternopil, Ukraine

Among the high-tech methods of wound therapy, the leading place belongs to the technology of manufacture and use of cryolyophilized tissues and bioorganic drugs. Crushed xenoderm’s powder stimulates the regenerative processes of the skin and improves the healing process of wounds, as it is enriched with macro- and microelements, amino acids and other cellular elements necessary for skin regeneration.
The aim of this work
was to study the wound-healing effectiveness of the developed gel “Xeliogel” on the animal model of aseptic superficial burns.
Material and methods
. Evaluation of the degree of catabolism and membrane-destructive processes was performed by determining the marker enzymes of cytolysis – aspartate aminotransferase (AST) and alanine aminotransferase (ALT) in serum, total protein and middle molecular mass in animals with experimental thermal burns. The developed gel “Xeliogel” was applied to the animals for therapeutic purposes. “Xeliogel” is based on aqueous extraction of xenoderm and with lidocaine hydrochloride. In the second group for comparison the Solcoseryl was applied in the form of a gel (Switzerland). This medicine belongs to the group containing active pharmaceutical ingredients of natural origin, namely protein-free dialysate from the blood of calves, and is intended for the treatment of burns of I-II degrees.
. When using the developed gel “Xeliogel” in experimental thermal burns, normalization of total protein was observed on 14-th days, which is on 7 days faster than under burn conditions, decrease the levels of ALT and AST in the serum with a return to a normal on a 7 day, relative to the control pathology group. In the groups of animals, on whose burn wounds “Xeliogel” gel was applied, already on the 14-th day endogenous intoxication was significantly reduced by 29 % compared with the control group of animals. During the experiment to reduce the area of the wound surface, it was determined that the developed gel “Xeliogel” showed a pharmacological effect similar to the comparison drug “Solkoseryl” gel.
. On the model of aseptic burn injury in rats, was determined that the developed gel provides a significant reduction in necrotic processes, the level of endogenous intoxication against the background of restoring the level of total protein in the circulating blood. The results of the research confirm the effectiveness of using the developed gel “Xeliogel” for local treatment of burns of I-II degrees, as the duration of treatment of burns reduced by 4 days compared to the control group and the developed gel is similar to the comparison drug.

Key words: burn, wound, gel, semisolid dosage forms

Pol Med J, 2020; XLVIII (287); 331–334